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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The people of mithila have played a major role in making the airport operational by continuosly being vocal about it on twitter by running hashtags campaigns like #tweet4mithila, #darbhangAirport, #NoVoteWithoutDarbhangaAirport. As a result, On 8th November 2020, first flight took off from darbhanga airport to bengluru, operated by spicejet.

It was given the customary water salute, while the passengers were greeted with Mithila's Paags (A traditional cap of Mithila) and garlands. The plane then took off for Delhi with 180 passengers including, Dharbhanga's bjp MP Gopaljee Thakur, darbhanga's town legislator Sanjay Saraogi and MLC Dilip Chaudhary.


Darbhanga Aviation was a private Indian airline started by Maharaja Kameshwar Singh of Darbhanga. The airline started operations after the Second World War when it had purchased three former military Douglas DC-3 aircraft.

The first aircraft that was related to Mithila was the Bristol F.2b Fighter F-4440 plane. This fighter jet was gifted by the Tirhut Sarkar’s head Maharaja Rameshwar Singh to the Indian soldiers under British regime who fighting against the Central Powers in world war I. The king purchased and donated the fighter plane in 1917 and it was crashed in a dogfight in 1917.

The year of 1950, thus, first saw the start commercial flights from Darbhanga. Darbhanga Aviation closed down by the year 1962.


The foundation for the Darbhanga Airport was held in December 2018. Since then the people of bihar, especially the locals of Darbhanga were waiting for the Airport to be operational. It is the third Airport in Bihar after Patna and Gaya. The people who will be benefited the most with the start of the Darbhanga Airport are people of the region of Mithila. These people will at least save 4-5 hours travelling to and from patna. This announcement about the Airport by Aviation Minister is considered to be a masterstroke of Government in wining the vidhansabha Election. Just not the Government but for the locals It is highly overwhelming as a number of people fly back to their hometowns for Chhath Puja and other festivals.

This move of the government has surely put a smile on the faces of Maithils and hope will led to the betterment and development of north Bihar.

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