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Republic Day at Raj Darbhanga Fort

For every Indian Republic Day is always special and peculiar. It is the National Festival which binds the entire nation together and thus describes Unity in Diversity. Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp and show on 26th January every year. On 26th January 1950, our constitution came into effect. For us living in a country having largest democracy in the world this day is full of proud moments to celebrate.

Raj Darbhanga Fort (Source Internet)

This year it become more distinct and specific for the citizens of Darbhanga. This Republic Day the Flag is hoisted on the 85 feet Fort of Darbhanga after 59 years. Darbhanga Fort is also known as Raj Quila of Darbhanga. It was built in the 20th century and established by Maharaja Kameshwar Singh. It was once the stately abode of the Darbhanga Raj family. It is a symbol of Mithila Culture having great architectural works and wall.

Raj Darbhanga Fort Gate where Indian Flag was Hoisted.(Source Internet)

Last time The Flag hoisting event took place in 1962 by the Maharaja Kameshwar Singh. That is why great enthusiasm has being seen among the citizens of Darbhanga.

It is not only the matter of flag hoisting after 59 years it is the glory of achieving the identification of the old history, it is more about reviving the old glory of Darbhanga Palace and also regenerating the emotions and memories of the citizens of Darbhanga with this day. Darbhanga Fort is still a center of attraction for Darbhanga and for the mithila culture.

The Flag is hoisted by the grandson of Maharaja of Darbhanga Kumar Kapileshwar Singh. Before 26th January he came to visit the palace and looked after all the organisations and preparations. In talk with media he was showing his excitement and enthusiasm towards the day. He is connected with the social works and thus was talking to media about his great step to provide chemotherapy to the cancer patients after the ceremony.

This step is taken by the Palace. The Flag hoisting ceremony was started by the members of Mithila Student Union on 15th August 2018. From then it was merely a dream to celebrate this day officially.

This year dreams of thousands of folks of Darbhanga has been achieved. The magnificent Indian Flag is hoisting at the Darbhanga Palace with glory and proud.

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