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Tila Sankrait in Mithila

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Makar Sankranti is one of the famous hindu festivals which is celebrated across the country with variant rituals and is known by different names.

Pic Credit : Mukti Jha

Tila Sankrait (तीला संक्राति)

Rituals related to the Festival

All festivals in Mithila is directly connected to mother nature bestowing her blessings in the form of good energy and beautiful thoughts. On the day of festival, the ritual is to take bath before the sunrise. In old times people used to go to rivers or ponds. Prashaad is prepared by the sesame seeds [Til] and raw rice along with jaggery [Gud]. After pray, the prashaad is being given to the youngers by the elder members of the family by practicing a proverb used in maithili "तिल चाउर बहबै" (Til chaur bahbai na). There is an emotional belief attached to it, Prashaad signifies the values and love of the elders which they transfer to their next generation with a belief that one day their children would keep their families’ values to the highest and would able to understand all the responsibilities towards their elders.

Food eaten in the Festival

Tila Sankranti is celebrated in the winter season. So the food which is eaten in the festival has relation with the winter season. Laddoos prepared by the Sesame seeds [Til] and Jaggery [Gud] is the main delicacy of the Festival. In Mithila this delicacy is famous by the name of ‘ TILWA’. Because of it, the festival is known as Tila Sankrait or Til Paawaian. People enjoyed many varities of Laddoos prepared by puffed rice [Murhi] and flattened rice

[Chura] and Jaggery is common in all. Locally laddoo made up of Murhi and Jaggery is called Murlai and Churlai is the local name of the laddoo prepared by the Flattened rice and Jaggery. Vernacularly these are altogether known as Lai.

Khichdi is another main delicacy of this festival. Khichdi is prepared with rice, pulses and varities of vegetables. Different local Spices add flavours to the dish. There is a custom of serving Khichdi with Dahi [Curd], Ghee [clarified butter], Papad [Flattened crisp Bread] and Achaar [Pickle]. There is a proverb which is very famous among the Maithil Folks in maithili. KHICHDI Ker Chair Yaar, DAHI, GHEE, PAAPAD, ACHAAR. People also take Laddoos with Curd. After the festival these Laddoos are eaten as a snack for months too. There is a custom of ‘Khichdi Feast’ in some regions in Mithila on the occasion of Tila Sankranti. These food items are very healthy and make the body warm in winter season. So scientifically too the Festival has its own value.

Janakpur is one of the main religious places of Mithila. The place has its very pious connection to the Festival. Every year there is a ritual of organizing a Fair around the temples of Janakpur. One such pious place is Dhanusha Dhaam. The place known for its great religious value in Ramayana. Every year people in hundreds of number gather here for praying and for the celebration. The Fair is known as ‘DhanushaDhaam Makad Mela’. There is a custom of donation of grains and clothes to the needy in this Festival of Mithila.

That's all for now. Celebrate with friends and family. Happy Tila Sankrait !!

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Rituraj Singh
Rituraj Singh
Jan 11, 2021

Tila Sankrait and the #Mithila connection..Well articulated with nice adage... - तिल चाऊर् बहबै - खिचड़ी केर चैर यार, दगी घी, पापड़, आचार। A good read...

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